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Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Eight Main Street of the Buddha's Teachings

Eight main street of the Buddha's Teachings

8 main road toward the realization of the Buddha.

The reason one becomes a Buddhist is to achieve
happiness and englightened (Buddha consciousness). for it
Buddhists follow the 8 Main Street

Right Understanding: Understanding the Truth of three and the teachings of Dharma
The Buddha.

Right Thought: Consciously think properly, thinking that
better and live according to what Buddha taught.

True words: Not gossiping, backbiting, lying, slander, says
rough, dirty, crap. Talk if necessary and
words that could help others.

True: Perform the action that the Buddha taught
includes five Principles of Buddhism.

Right Action: Perform the action that the Buddha taught
including the 5 Principles of Budhist.

Right livelihood: To live in peace with people
people around and avoid work that is not true
and not good, like killing other people.

Right Effort: Master the negative thoughts and change it to
good thoughts and positive.

Right Mindfulness: Increase awareness (awareness) thdp
body, emotions, mental and thoughts and deeds.

Right Concentration: Learning to concentration with meditation,
or other rituals are ways to achieve
of consciousness.

5 The principle of life of the famous Buddhist Pancasila

5 Principles / Rules These are the basic rules as the Buddha
A monks, and nuns have 227 and 331 rules
must be followed. 5 rules are not provided by
God / gods angry and if not in just follow punished.
but this is to fix the karma, and helps to
avoid the bad things that happen to masing2.
and most importantly, can make us happier.

Avoid killing living beings
2. Avoid stealing
3. Avoid adultery
4. Avoid Lying
5. Avoid drinking alcohol or addictive substances

With practice in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha's life then any person or Buddhist students will be able to live quietly and peacefully. not only that, but all the bad karma of the past they have done can be cleaned. because by carrying out the teachings of the Buddha as well as perform many good deeds will be able to reduce the bad karma of every person who practices Buddhism.

What you have done all of that will come back to you
who do good receive good
and who do evil receive evil

then do thou by your good deeds, through the mind,
speech, and physical body.

blessed be the great Buddhist saint


May all beings live and be happy always

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