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Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

The World One Family

The world one family

The World one family - this is a very good view of life for all people who want to achieve harmony and peace and happiness of living with others. The concept of the world one family is a noble ideals of all the teachings of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and also the lofty ideals of all those who yearn to live a decent.

The world is one family of noble ideals all those who want to live quiet and happy. and free from enmity and hatred. Free from the selfish nature. The world is one family all the lofty ideals of the people on this earth.

Where to live with the world view of the family can create harmony between the State, as well as the peace of any person

So no more wars, no more fighting, no more killings, and no more stealing, no sexual misconduct, no more deceit, no more no more rape and robbery and no one is insulted and denigrated.

Everything is in harmony and peace and full of love, husband keep and protect his wife and son, between brother and sister mutual respect and protect, between superiors and subordinates mutual respect and support.

All of this doctrine teaches that we can all coexist with each other and no longer do evil deeds.

The world is one family worldview and lofty ideals of saints as well as people who want to live quiet and peaceful. And in this world no longer smoke that damage human health, because cigarettes proved to accelerate the death of a human. And in a world of one family no longer narcotics and drugs are used freely.

The world is one family of noble ideals all those who want to live quiet and peaceful, vibrant and passionate life, life that can provide mutual assistance, which does not undermine the sustainability of living nature.

How about you? what about your view of life which used to be? immediately take a decision so that we can all unite to form the world one family, a world filled with universal love and a world filled with happiness.

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