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Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Secret Ways How to Become Rich and Successful In Financial

Secrets to be rich and financially successful, ie answering the question yesterday, "if indeed the secret as simple as that, why many people remain poor and are not financially or financially successful?"

It is important to understand that the name is rich financially or materially rich it can be obtained with effort and proper manner, that is doing business. Why do business? Because with your business can benefit. And any business name will also be one of two things happen ie sell or buy ..

1. Safety
Most of the employees, any high office, when it comes to money and income, they prefer a sense of security. Although they seem to work hard for money, still for them a sense of security is paramount.

You know what it feel safe? That security is the security that every month always get a fixed salary. So instead they chose to become an entrepreneur who seem at risk, they prefer to be an employee even if there is to be bartered, namely their freedom. And significantly, they will never build assets.

2. Fear of Failure and Fear of Losing Money
This one is the main cause why most people can not become wealthy and financially successful. For fear of failing and losing money, people often act too cautiously. I was so careful, they finally decided to buy the latest series of mobile phones rather than starting to learn to do business and build assets.

Why? Because the money so the goods. If you wake up a business, not necessarily successful. Might even fail and the money disappeared. And if you want to succeed financially, the first thing you should do is beat the fear of failure and fear of losing money.

3. Can not Beat Emotional Encouragement
You know that the comparison between the emotional brain with rational brain is 24: 1? So while it is rising, 24 times more powerful emotion than rational thought. So what to do with building assets? See, for example you became interested in the problem then you already intend to set aside some money from your salary to buy tickets online seminars on business.

All of a sudden when you're a walk in the mall, you are offered a loan program matic motor output pretty new with a small down payment and small monthly installments. Immediately all your rational mind suddenly disappeared changed the emotional brain. Then you decide to use the money you set aside earlier for matic motorcycle loans, not for coming to the seminar.

Emotional means you beat your rational mind. I am so often. So when I started setting aside money to buy books of business, all of a sudden I passed Mr. Pur fried rice is delicious and my logic flies out the window. Finally, the money that was going to buy the book out at the dinner table that delicious fried rice

4. Someone Adults Increasingly, more expensive toys
The cause is still something to do with the number 3. A lot of people who can not control this one issue. Back when we were kids, we used toy marbles. A little big, junior high, toys ding dong. High school, got pingin motor sport. Lectures, luggage car.

Already working, want to have a home, home theater, mountain bike price of 20 million birds even turtledoves price of 50 million. Lha when purchasing assets about this? You can buy the things mentioned above do not conflict with religion. But preferably, the money from the assets you build. Not from your salary.

5. Being suddenly, Professional and Perfectionist
For these five reasons, in fact they've stepped into a better step. They've realized that to become wealthy and financially successful, they must build assets. The problem is, most of them are suddenly visible "perfectionist and professional".

When they began planning to build assets, they are busy tallying and analyzing a business like economists. The consideration is too many and complicated. Finally they do not walk waiting for three things coming together. One: find the right people, two: find the right opportunity and three: have a lot of money.

Whereas in the business and investment, almost impossible to expect it to come together.

6. Onward Abstinence Back, Black and Hit All obstacles
If this one, as opposed to the number 5. Because so pedenya after knowing that the way to become rich is to build up assets, they play kick ass and do not look right and left. The reason is classic, not too many thinkers. It is true that taking action is the most important part in starting to build an asset.

But do not prepare yourself to learn the basics in building assets can be fatal. For example, if the asset you are building is a conventional business, you need to create what is called a business plan. If you do not make it, just wait when it's time you build a business that was falling out. I've been there!

Please read my article about the importance of business plans. I've got a comment that is too long to make a business plan can make us lose the momentum. That is true.
But with you to learn the basics of owning a business and pour it into a business plan, God willing, you will have the expertise when it is you have to "GO" in business without losing momentum. Although you seem to be too long in making a business plan (but NOT at all). Believe!

7. Finally, the nature of Lazy, Empty Brain on Weekends
That is how? Why say lazy? Like this, many people who after a full work week, eekends are used for full-idle lazy. The reason is, that's what worked six full days. One day be used for "empty brain".

This is the most severe. You do need to rest at the weekend, have fun with family, refreshing, and so forth. But that does not mean you never take the time to start learning how to build assets. It does not have a full day. The important thing is consistent.
There are still many other causes that can make a person can not succeed financially. Among them you can read my article about the causes of the failure of new business.
But at least, the seventh of the above can you make the guidelines is why many people who know that to become wealthy and financially successful is to build an asset, but still not many people can become rich and successful

I think that rich people are the people who always feel pretty and grateful with what Allah has given them. So, whatever the outcome of what you have and you try to do in the process of building assets sebuat, believe that it is the best that God has given to you. No matter whether much or little you earn riches. You Agree?

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