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Senin, 26 September 2011

Healthy Life And Full of Happiness

This is my new blog, and I call a healthy life or LIFE, I myself was an Indonesian who lived in the city of Pekanbaru, and the new Blogger studying in the city of Pekanbaru. Aspects of benefits is my hope to so many people could benefit from a blog or a site that I created this.

Hope for the future will be more health articles can be found here, especially vegetarians. Because we can live with a vegetarian diet is healthy, vegetarian does not belong to any religion. Now a vegetarian lifestyle is highly recommended for those of you who want to have a healthy body and a longer life span.

It's no secret that today many crops such as fruits and vegetables and grains are widely used as a tonic and that the only way to make juice drinks, there are pan-fried with a little cooking oil and some green vegetables are mixed with the addition of tomato or carrots or cabbage, and so on.

Vegetarians are also a form of environmental stewardship so that we can all preserve nature so that it remains green, hopeful and loving.
My advice to avoid eating meat, because I know that many people who suffered death due to cancer, cholesterol, heart disease, pain in the stomach because the stomach has an infection, as well as the emissions that are not stable. You can visit hospitals and see so banya people who need help because they do not understand that a healthy diet can make you a long life their lives and can make their lives happy.

HEALTHY LIVING blog will be a lot to talk about health issues, and perhaps also other things that I think can be useful for many people. And I believe this has been a vegetarian now an urgent need for many people who are very health conscious and concerned about global warming. I hope you also live with great happiness or full of Happiness

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Informasi kesehatan banyak dibutuhkan semua orang, karena memang sehat itu penting dan sehat itu mahal, bisa juga SEHAT sambil bisnis OBAT KUAT FOREDI hehehe..., sangat bagus sekali blog ini masbro...salam sukses selalu!!

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