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Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011

A life full of happiness and peace

This world has reached the days of progress of highly advanced technology and science in the time of the ancients is the base of progress when now this . although the world of medicine also has undergone of progress in science of medicine and the science of health . but typically of man still feel less satisfied with everything it has obtained from the progression of the technology. how you can live happily and peacefully in a State like this?

at the time now global warming earth also have become a thing that is very serious , and as humans is also very expected to get into ' frugal , bervegetarian life and uses a car a bicycle . why it should be done ? because this is most pressing demands , and direct contact with global warming or memanasan earth . when this day weather in every country has undergone a change , the floods and stormy wind could always come upon any country .

how about child survival your grandchildren ? whether they made life assurance worthy ? and if they can all healthy life and joy . no assurance like that . now we need to do is take notice our lifestyle each if not conformable to nature , then your lifestyle by a pronoun .

1. Vegetarian living,

2. Be frugal consumer,

3. Use of a vehicle a bicycle if you 're traveling for a short distance

4. And not smoking.

Cigarettes is a thing that scatters poison in the air , and if babies and children inhaling the gall and their health will be distorted , love your children and avoid cigarettes .

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